Analog Preservation Network Curriculum Vitae  

Hosted Events

2015 Hyperlink v.2 Launch, 8-11 

2014 Holodeck, Nuit Blanche Group Show, The Drake Hotel

2014 Hyperlink v.1 Launch, Double Double Land

Group Exhibitions

2015 Videodrome, Curated AV and Performance Event, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art  (MOCCA) (Upcoming: August 21, Toronto)

2015 Electric Eclectics, Curated Music and Arts Festival, Meaford Ontario

2015 WayHome Music Festival, Curated Music and Arts Festival, Oro-Medonte Ontario

2015 ArtSpin, Curated Group Show, Toronto

2015 Exhibit A (life), Curated Group Show, The Brinks Building

2015 Drake Devonshire Launch Party

2015 Long Winter 3.5, Curated Group Show, The Great Hall

2015 Long Winter 3.3, Curated Group Show, The Great Hall

2014 Unaffiliated, Curated Group Show, Artscape Gibraltar Point

2014 Opportunity Cafe, Curated Group Show, Oz Studios


2015 Hyperlink v.2 

2014 Hyperlink v.1


2014 The Drake Lab, Toronto